Would you know if you were being overcharged for electricity?

Historically, energy providers created monopolies which is why companies like Enron could rip consumers off for over $40 billion. 

As a result, local laws are now being passed to give consumers the power back. This process is called deregulation or “energy choice”.

Your local company remains the same but who supplies the power is now up to you. This choice of supplier could either hurt your business or save you thousands!

But how do you know which supplier is best?

Our Greencurve Energy Software™ is a resource that compares all the available suppliers in your area to ensure you are getting the absolute best price!

You will be guaranteed a fixed rate that will never increase. If a lower rate becomes available you'll receive an alert and can switch at no cost. There’s really no better value in energy!

Best part is, the software is completely FREE. Our only goal is to give you all your options so you can make an informed decision for your business. The money you'll save is just an added bonus : )

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